2021 Ran It With Janet 50K Race Summary

The 6th running of the Ran It With Janet 50K took place on June 5, 2021 at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Manassas, VA.

The Ran It With Janet 50K is an annual event that takes place on National Trails Day, the first Saturday in June. The event is intended primarily as a fatass/fun-run style event with a goal of raising funds and gathering supplies to benefit the Embry Rucker Community Shelter of Reston, VA. The course starts and finishes from the Brownsville Picnic Area pavilion on the western side of Manassas National Battlefield Park of Manassas, VA. Consisting of three loops on a variety of surface including pavement, dirt, fire road cleared trail, gravel, and mowed back access roads, elevation is fairly flat at about 700 feet per loop making it a great 50K for first timers and those transitioning to trail from typical road marathons. In addition to aid available at the start/finish area, there are two aid stations located at Stone Bridge at about 4.6 miles and the Unfinished Railroad at 7.99 miles.

Starting Time was set for 7:00 AM. Six runners were permitted to start early at 6:15, 6:30, and 6:45 AM and are noted in the results below

Joseph Crawford set a new course record on the 50K course that we've been using since the change in 2018. The prior record of 4:19:45 was held by Stephen Gabris set in 2019, displacing the time of 4:43:21 set by Mariska Kramer the year prior. The course was changed due to rerouting of the 2nd Manassas Trail on the western section of the park near Chinn Ridge.

Race Results

  Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3
Group Place Overall Gender Place Gender Name Bib Stone Bridge Unfinished RR Brownsville Stone Bridge Unfinished RR Brownsville Stone Bridge Unfinished RR Brownsville
 1M1Joseph Crawford1730:341:001:211:562:222:443:213:494:12:27
WU2M2Wes Keyan1650:431:151:402:252:573:264:194:575:33:21
 3F1Betty Gelles2270:411:131:392:263:023:314:245:035:33:48
 4M3Thomas Jones179 1:151:402:263:003:314:255:085:46:07
 5F2Kendra Barber2860:431:151:412:283:043:384:345:165:55:30
 6M4Thom Lutkenhouse175 1:151:392:263:013:344:425:356:18:12
 7M5David Wood1710:501:312:043:023:434:195:195:596:33:07
 8F3Saba Barkneh2950:521:231:542:443:213:565:055:536:34:24
 9M6Ron Ely1800:451:191:452:383:244:045:156:076:49:01
 10M7Jeff Reed1810:471:221:532:473:304:075:166:136:57:23
 11M8Edward Coney1760:451:191:462:423:254:075:336:387:32:17
 12M9James Stanley1410:481:241:553:003:474:345:586:427:31:10
 13F4Chelsea Frost2890:481:241:562:563:504:355:546:487:32:33
 14F5Wilmarie Clark2480:451:462:293:324:154:566:056:497:36:19
 15F6Janet Lim2851:021:462:273:314:154:566:056:447:36:19
ES -:1516M10Michael Bottos1820:511:181:582:583:484:305:516:517:41:12
 17F7Kirsten Talken2961:031:492:283:304:174:566:036:597:47:28
DFL18M11Kris Sooklal1530:441:121:472:443:364:266:046:597:57:20
DNF19F8Kristen Gratton249 - 1:191:472:443:364:266:057:028:00:15
DNF20F9Lisa Feinberg2430:481:241:553:003:504:356:007:058:02:00
DNF, ES -:3021F10Tammy Massie2871:132:052:424:044:515:276:307:198:02:47
DNF, ES -:3022F11Meghan Curley2581:132:072:534:004:485:276:497:498:40:33
DNF, ES -:3023M12Dipak Bhattacharyya1671:122:072:574:004:485:276:497:498:40:33
DNF24F12Zelphanie Diaz2560:541:362:133:274:155:596:397:498:52:11
DNF25F13Karla Alsop2570:541:362:133:274:155:596:397:498:52:11
DNF26F14Vivian Suarez2880:531:342:113:194:084:496:007:06 -
DNF27M13Matt Erb1550:371:041:282:162:573:33 - - -
DNF28F15Carol Cohen2730:471:221:512:463:334:13 - - -
DNF29M14Kenneth Swab1690:521:352:123:224:084:48 - - -
DNF30F16Anna Baskina2820:531:342:113:194:094:54 - - -
DNF31M15Emaad Burki1700:501:342:123:264:195:08 - - -
DNF32F17Gayatri Datta2931:021:482:293:454:465:40 - - -
DNF33M16Jim Nagle1480:591:452:273:524:585:59 - - -
DNF, ES -:3034M17John Curley1831:142:104:215:487:158:36 - - -
DNF35M18Tom Buell1740:371:051:28:06 - - - - - -
DNF, ES -:4536F18Amanda Eason2941:262:022:31:00 - - - - - -
DNF, ES -:4537M19Mark Zimmermann1781:222:223:10:00 - - - - - -


Our wonderful volunteers are listed below. This race wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers.